My name is Maree Todd from the Wester Ross branch. I’m from Ullapool originally and live in Strathpeffer now with my husband and three children. I have been a lifelong supporter of independence, and joined the party early last year, so that I could campaign for a YES.

I don’t have a background in politics, I have a professional career as a clinical pharmacist working in mental health, and a broad range of interests and experience. From the moment I found my political voice, people have encouraged me to stand as a candidate. So here I am.

I have a passion for this part of the world. My people are from here, my dad’s family from the mainland, my mums from Lewis. I grew up here in the Highlands and my children are growing up here too. I have a vested interest in our part of the world doing well. I think Scotland is the Southern, fertile, warm part of Scandinavia. Like the Nordics, I know that Healthy, well educated, happy people work well. If we look after our society, the economy will prosper. If we build strong industry, it can strengthen our communities.

I will talk some more in other podcasts about health, wealth, education and energy, but first, I want to talk about independence.

I think independence is normal for countries and another independence referendum is inevitable – it’s just a question of timing. We need to start to deliver on the YES campaign in the parliament that we elect in 2016. One of the great achievements Yes side was a huge leap in grassroots political activism; a realisation that politics is not just about candidates and elections but how power is wielded and distributed between elections. I look forward to working together with all of you in future to bring power closer to our home.

We have to tackle inequality, focus on social justice and improve prosperity.

We need to inspire confidence and provide coherent answers to the questions people had about currency and pensions.

The independence campaign is what brought me into politics and it is what is driving me onwards. We need to finish the job. So I say it again, Independence is normal for countries, another independence referendum is inevitable, it’s just a question of timing. And next time, we have to win it.